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Whats App Latest on Voice Calls?

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From Whatsapp FAQ (my Qs follow each in italics):

Does it apply to voice calls on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, due to the way VOIP (basically making calls over the internet) is configured on WhatsApp, we cannot guarantee that voice calls made on WhatsApp will be free.

So if you make a voice call over WhatsApp it might be taken from your data allocation. The tech-heads in 48 are working with WhatsApp to find a solution to this issue, so we will keep you posted. But in the meantime, if you are conscious of your data usage keep it to text / photo / group messaging on WhatsApp to be safe. Hit Starbucks’ free WIFI for the voice calls!

Any further info on this (last post was last year- ‎25-04-2016) as regards data allocation?


Why is it only for 6 months?

Well, we have a deal with WhatsApp that this Unlimited WhatsApp messaging will be exclusively available to 48 customers for 6 months. But we will keep a close eye on things during this time, and see what the interest is like. As we say, this is the first time any mobile network has launched Unlimited WhatsApp messaging, so we need to make sure that we are offering the right deal at the right time. So it’s important to be able to check in to review things.

Has this been extended (again info from last year- ‎25-04-2016)? Or is it just now an integral part of the membership plans?

Thanks for any update/info.

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Re: Whats App Latest on Voice Calls?

Voice calls over Whatsapp will use your data allowance, unlimited whatsapp use was only for messaging. Regarding the second part of the question, this has now been part of the membership (where applicable) still up to the present time  

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Re: Whats App Latest on Voice Calls?

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Re: Whats App Latest on Voice Calls?

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