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"Free/Low Call" 1890 numbers not free/low call

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‎17-07-2017 08:24 PM

I'm feeling a bit grumpy so apologies in advance.


Car broke down today and I tried to call the 1890 insurance/breakdown service but I couldn't.  I have plenty of credit.  Had to play telephone tag with a friend to get the company to call me back.  The company texted me a link to a website so that, on my mobile phone, I could track the van driving to me in real time.  All that worked except I couldn't call the 1890 number!


Curious about why I couldn't call a 'Free/Low call' number, I logged on here.

- Used the 1st search box I found and got no results for '1890'

- Tried posting in  'feedback' group but I have to ask to join...

- Typing the title above gave me auto-suggestions for other posts but I couldn't be arsed clicking on them at this stage.


I know you're a MVNO but  guess a couple of questions:

- Why aren't 'Free/Low Call' numbers available on this service?

- Why 50c/min* (charged per second)?

- In future, what do I have to do moneywise in addition to buying €10/€20 monthly plan to access these numbers?


Thanks in advance & sorry for being so grumpy.  I was stuck on the side on the road for an hour and it felt like *every* single person walking/driving by looked at me Smiley Sad


Re: "Free/Low Call" 1890 numbers not free/low call

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‎17-07-2017 08:34 PM

1850/1890 numbers are not free call numbers.
1800 are.
Many operators, especially mobile operators, levy significant charges on 1850/1890 calls.
On 48 1850 calls are 50c per call.
1890 calls are 50c per minute.

You need cash credit on your account to make such calls.
This issue is not a new one or one unique to 48.
E.g. See here

Hope this helps.

I am not a 48 employee so if you need to contact 48 support then use option 3 or the chat facility here.
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Re: "Free/Low Call" 1890 numbers not free/low call

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‎18-07-2017 03:11 PM

Thanks for the info.  Much calmer now Smiley Happy


Yep, those 1890 numbers seem to be a real problem for all mobile companies.


P.S. I got the 'Free/Low Call' phrase from .


Thanks again.


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