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Free whatsApp FAQ

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‎09-06-2015 02:38 PM

What’s the deal with 48 giving away Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging?

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48 and WhatsApp have teamed up with a really exciting 6 month exclusive deal whereby all 48 customers can go absolutely nuts with Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging for free. 


This basically means that you can send as many WhatsApp messages as you want, all day long, to all of your friends and none of your data allocation will be used up. 


This is a first in the Irish Telecommunications market and you will not find this exclusive and exciting deal with any other Irish Network!



So what is the offer?

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Kicking off on June 10th, 48 is offering Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging for free. This means that 48 customers who have data included in their membership plan or who have purchased a data add on can get unlimited WhatsApp messaging for free.


The way it works is that any data usage incurred through WhatsApp to send or receive messages will be zero-rated and your data allowance will not be depleted. For example if you are on the Don Membership you get 8GB data per month. You could waffle away all month on WhatsApp Messaging and it would use zero of this 8GB allocation.



Who is eligible?

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All 48 customers who have data included in their price plan will be eligible for this offer provided they have an active membership.



Why is it only for 6 months?

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Well, we have a deal with WhatsApp that this Unlimited WhatsApp messaging will be exclusively available to 48 customers for 6 months. But we will keep a close eye on things during this time, and see what the interest is like. As we say, this is the first time any mobile network has launched Unlimited WhatsApp messaging, so we need to make sure that we are offering the right deal at the right time. So it’s important to be able to check in to review things.



But WhatsApp is already Unlimited and free isn’t it?

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WhatsApp is currently free to download, and there is no limit to the messages you send, but ordinarily every WhatsApp message will be taken out of your data allocation, unless you are on WIFI, which means if you are sending or receiving a lot of messages on WhatsApp you run the risk of running out of Data. 


That’s why this deal is so exciting! Now 48 customers’ WhatsApp messaging will be “zero-rated”, which means that it will not affect your data allocation, allowing you to send & receive as many WhatsApp messages as you like without your data being affected. This means you are no longer tied to WIFI to stay in contact with your mates!



Does it apply to WhatsApp groups?

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Yes, you can send and receive as many messages on WhatsApp as you can handle without it depleting your Data allocation. This includes groups.



Does it apply to voice calls on WhatsApp?

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Unfortunately, due to the way VOIP (basically making calls over the internet) is configured on WhatsApp, we cannot guarantee that voice calls made on WhatsApp will be free. 


So if you make a voice call over WhatsApp it might be taken from your data allocation. The tech-heads in 48 are working with WhatsApp to find a solution to this issue, so we will keep you posted. But in the meantime, if you are conscious of your data usage keep it to text / photo / group messaging on WhatsApp to be safe. Hit Starbucks’ free WIFI for the voice calls!



Can I send photos for free?

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Yes, you can send and receive as many picture messages on WhatsApp as you can handle without it depleting your Data allocation. However, 48 will take no responsibility if you max out your mates with photos of your cat, dog or food. Every friend has a breaking point.




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Now this is the legal bit, and this piece will be updated in our standard Terms & Conditions, which are at all times available on our webpage here.


Unlimited WhatsApp messaging for free

Unlimited WhatsApp messaging is available only if you have data included in your membership plan or if you have purchased a data add on. You will also need to download WhatsApp on your phone. You will not be charged for data used by you when you use the WhatsApp messaging service to send and receive messages via the app. 


IMPORTANT - If you use the voice/phone call features on WhatsApp to make voice calls your data allowance will be deducted.

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