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How do I buy my membership?

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First you've got to know what you can buy so here's an overview of the different memberships available:



The Guido     The Don


The Guido

Pay €10 and get unlimited texts and 300 call minutes to any mobile network, 1GB of internet and 60 landline minutes.


The Don

Pay €20 and get unlimited texts and calls to any mobile network, 5GB of data and 60 landline minutes.



More deals:


More info


The Mitch     TheDoke2.PNG


The Mitch

Pay €15 and get 15GB of data, 50 minutes and 100 texts to any mobile network.


The Doke

Pay €15 and get unlimited texts and 500 minutes to any mobile network, 1GB of internet + 20 landline minutes.



What about the old deals?


If you've joined us before March, 5th 2013 you can still buy them. 



Ok, I know which membership I want, what now?


If you haven't done so already you will need to buy top up credit. There are many different ways how to top up, check them out here.



I've got enough top-up credit, how do I buy my membership with that?


1. Log into your account via My 48 in the top navigation panel on the website:





2. Pay your membership


Once you're in you won't be able to miss the fact that you haven't paid your membership... So click on "Pay membership"




3. Choose your deal


Next choose the membership you want to buy. You have the option to buy one month's or several months' membership. Once you've made your selection, click on "Buy now"


Choose membership page


4. Choose payment method and check out


If you haven't topped up already you can choose to pay with your card at this stage (handy, isn't it?)





Once that's confirmed you're done and ready to call, text and surf.




Still confused? Something not working the way it should?


We've got a bunch of extremely knowledgeable people on our community, it's the best place to find more explanation and help. Give it a try!




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