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How do I set up internet on my Android phone?

These settings work for the vast majority of Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy phones.



Tweakker app


Go to the online configurator here and choose your phone on the list, and follow the instructions to set up your internet. You can also try download the configurator app over wi-fi here.


If the online configurator doesn’t work for you, you can try input the settings manually.



Manual set-up


There might be slight differences depending on the version of Android you are using. 


To change your phone settings:


  • Tap the Menu key
  • Tap Settings
  • In the Wireless & networks section, tap More...
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Tap Access Point Names
  • Tap the Menu key
  • Tap New APN


Fill the Edit access point section with the Internet and MMS settings:


Enter the following settings:

Name — 48 Internet


Proxy — Not set

Port — Not set

Username — user

Password — Not set

Server - Not set

MMSC - http://mmc1/servlets/mms

MMS proxy -

MMS port - 8080

MCC - 272

MNC - 11

Authentication type - PAP

APN type - default,supl,mms


Save and remember to enable data roaming as well.



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