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I forgot my PIN or need my PUK..... What now?

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So you’ve forgotten your PIN number? Tut tut!  Well never worry, we’ll sort it.

Check your SIM card packaging:
Firstly, check the packaging you got your SIM in – your PIN will  be printed inside it. PIN1 is the code you’re looking for.

But you’ve thrown it away? Read on then…


Use your PUK code to access your phone:
Now, we don’t actually keep your PIN on file since you can change it, so we’ve got your PUK.

So, you'll need to block your PIN (yes, block it!) – so keep entering it incorrectly until youre asked for the PUK codeThatwhere your 48 account comes in

To get your PUKlogin to your 48 account, head to “My Details” and youll see it there (itadigit number), or else click here


Enter your PUK and thatll be you back up and running.

If that PUK gets blocked, then you'll need a new SIM card - find out about getting a replacement here.

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