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Kickback Payout

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Here are some useful things to look at if you have questions related to Kickback payout.


For general Kickback information, head over to the Kickback FAQ.



How do I get paid in cash?

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If you decide to get your Kickback as cash, it will be paid into your PayPal account. Before your friend joins you’ll need to change your preference here to indicate that you want your earnings in cash instead of credit.


Kickback Cash


You’ll need to add your PayPal email address (for your active PayPal account) on the page. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can set one up here.


Why is my Kickback balance missing?

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Your Kickback balance on the website will be reset when we start processing your Kickback earnings from the current 3-month period. So at the moment, your balance would only show earnings from 1st August 2014 onwards.


How do I find out how much I have earned?

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You can view your Kickback earnings on your personal Kickback page. You’ll be able to see the following information there:

  • How many SIMs you’ve ordered
  • How many of these SIMs have had membership bought on them
  • How much you’ve earned through Kickback so far
You can also take a look at the Kickback leaderboard to see how much you’re earning compared to other Kickbackers!


When do I get my Kickback credit?

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You will get your Kickback credit instantly once your friend buys their first membership. 


When is cash paid out?

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When you get paid depends on when you recruit your friends, as Kickback cash gets paid out 4 times a year, every 3 months. Your earnings get accumulated on your account until the next cash pay-out date. Note that the transfer to your PayPal account can take a day or two to go through.


Remember, if you don’t tell 48 that you want your Kickback given in cash on time, then it will default as credit!


I got credit but I selected cash. Why?

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If you selected cash but still got credit, it’s time to get in contact with the care crew here.


Some of my Kickback balance is missing?

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You can find details of the status of all your orders on your My Kickback page. Remember, you won’t receive your Kickback until your recruitee has bought their first membership.


If you’ve chosen cash and your recruitee bought their membership after the closure of this period it’ll be paid out in the next payment run. If you’ve chosen credit, your kickback will be added to your account instantly when your recruitee buys their first membership.



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