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Accepted Solution

Need to swap your SIM?

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If you need to swap your existing SIM to another type of SIM, follow these steps:


  1. Go to 48months.ie and log in to My 48. Click on Change My SIM.
  2. Select the Swap my SIM option and hit continue.
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  1. On the “Order a replacement SIM” form, pick your SIM type and fill in your delivery address. Make sure you select the correct SIM type for your new phone. Order a “dual SIM” if you need a micro SIM. (See here our FAQ about SIM types if in doubt.) Proceed by clicking on the “Send me my new SIM” button.
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  1. When you get your new SIM: log back into My 48 and select Change My SIM Go to Step 2 where you can register your SIM. You will need to enter the six digit registration code on the SIM card.


Your new SIM should be up and running in 10 minutes after you’ve done this. Your number and membership or credit will transfer to the new SIM.


You can only Swap to a SIM you have ordered through the Change my SIM section. If you use a SIM you have lying around your number and account won’t transfer.




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Posts: 355
Registered: ‎25-10-2013

Re: Need to swap your SIM?

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In addition to the above, we have the following FAQs  about SIMs in case you didn't find the answer you were looking for:


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