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Where has my credit gone?

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There can be quite a few reasons why your credit has vanished. 


Check the list and see if any apply to you.



1. Have you used credit to buy membership?

Read here to find out more about how to buy membership 



2. Have you bought any add ons?

(Click "more info" below to reveal the list of add ons)



More info


Calls - €3


60 minutes to any Irish mobile network

- Lasts for 1 calendar month

- Send "calls" to 1745 or visit



Landline - €3


Landline.png10 minutes of calls to Irish landlines (geographic numbers) including

Northern Ireland landlines dialled with the 048 prefix.
- Perfect for topping up the 20 minutes of landline calls in your membership
- Lasts for 1 calendar month
- Send "losers" to 1745 or visit

 Texts - €3

Texts.png100 Texts to any Irish mobile network

 - Lasts for 1 calendar month
 - Send "texts" to 1745 or visit

Internet - €3


1GB of internet usage

- Lasts for 1 calendar month
- Send "internet" to 1745 or visit


EU Roaming
Voice - €3.50                                                                                       Texts - €2

- 15 minutes of outbound calls within the EU                                - 25 outbound texts within the EU

- Unlimited inbound calls within the EU                                         - Unlimited inbound texts within the EU

- This will last for one calendar month.                                           - This will last for one calendar month.




Don't forget you will need to pay your membership fee to use 48.  For information about 48 memberships click here.



3. Have you sent any picture messages (MMS)?

(Click "more info" below to reveal information about MMS)



More info

You need a few things to send or receive picture messages.


1) Internet on your phone. As pictures are downloaded via the internet you will need the internet add on for it to work.


2) The correct settings.  All the settings you need are here.


3) If you are sending pictures you will need some credit as they are not free.  Each picture message you send will cost €0.30. You can see a breakdown of additional costs here.


If after check all of this and are still having problems with sending or receiving pictures then it's time to "ask an agent".




4. Have you called any premium/low rate numbers?


Check the list at the bottom of this page to learn about the pricing for calling premium/low rate numbers



5. Have you called or texted any International numbers?


Check the pricing list for international calls on this page to find out more.



6. Have you taken your phone abroad?


Check the this page for the rates for using your phone while you're abroad (roaming) 



If you are sure you have not used your credit for any of the above then time to give the care crew a shout.



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