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Registered: ‎13-06-2013
Accepted Solution

Internet wont work on Galaxy S4

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I had an iPhone 4s and now i got a new Galaxy S4 and my internet wont work on it. What setting do i need to make it work? Please help!

Level 48: Van Wilder
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Registered: ‎07-05-2013

Re: Internet wont work on Galaxy S4

See this thread.




I'd imagine that the S3 settings should be close enough for the S4:




Or just try the Tweakker APN app and see if that configures it automatically:




Hope this helps.

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Level 2: The Newbie
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Registered: ‎27-06-2013

Re: Internet wont work on Galaxy S4

Same problem here btw, did you manage to get it sorted OP? Calls and texts work, I just came from iPhone4 to Galaxy s4 and no data.

Level 2: The Newbie
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Registered: ‎27-06-2013

Re: Internet wont work on Galaxy S4

Just an update to others, the internet settings for Galaxy S3, link above, worked for me. Thanks

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