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Lost Phone- Can 48 Track my phone using my IMEI Number?


Lost my phone a few nights ago and since then it has been powered off/out of battery.


It's a Sony phone and I rang sony to see would they be able to trace my phone using my IMEI number but they said it is up to my network supplier.


Just wondering has anyone had to do this before? With 48 or even another network supplier? How did it work out?


Thanks :)

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Re: Lost Phone- Can 48 Track my phone using my IMEI Number?

I reckon you'd need to contact 48 support about that:


How to get help


You should probably disable your existing SIM by ordering a replacement:


You need a replacement SIM


You might want to report the loss (theft?) to the Gardai?


If it runs Android then you might be able to use the Google's Android Device Manager:


Hope this helps.

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