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Improvements to registering and changing your SIM

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After receiving feedback about the various SIM-related processes on our website (thanks guys, very much appreciated!), we have made some changes that should make these processes a bit easier to follow.



Change my SIM

‘My SIM’ is now called ‘Change my SIM’ which should make it clearer what the section is about. The screenshot below shows the improvements to the 'Change my SIM' page.


You can now choose either to swap your SIM (if you need a new type of SIM) or to block it if you have lost your SIM.

More info



Register SIM

We have made a number of changes to the overall Register SIM process (the 'Your Number' page especially).


Firstly, it is easier now to choose between keeping your number or getting a new number.

More info


The step-by-step process for porting your old number to 48 now looks like this:


  1. Enter number
  2. Select type of account
  3. Enter the security code
More info





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Re: Improvements to registering and changing your SIM

Looks really good. Might be using the new sim method soon when I get a Nexus 5!



Regards, Adam
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Re: Improvements to registering and changing your SIM

The field where the account number is entered only allows 10 characters to be entered. My (tesco mobile) account number is 15 characters long. Because of this issue moving my number has been unsuccessfull. I can't get help from the support team on this as there is another glitch on the web page where I should be able to submit a question to the support team. I this glitch the drop down menu where the user selects the catagory of their help does not work. Because this is a manditory field the page will then not submit. The end result of this is that I cannot contact the support team.

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Re: Improvements to registering and changing your SIM

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You can also contact support by email if the online form doesn't work:


Maybe try another browser and see if the web form works there?


Hope this helps.

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Re: Improvements to registering and changing your SIM

any luck with this?
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