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Phone unlocking service suggestions

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Here is a list of providers that offer phone unlocking services:







Tesco mobile


See more info on these providers in the unlocking guide.


Have you used any other providers? Reply in this thread to suggest any other unlocking services you've used or heard about which are not listed above, and remember to rate the ones you've used here.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

I've used this service to unlock a number of Huawei handsets.

Cheap, fast and reliable. I have no vested interest other than as a satisfied customer.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

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This is a great help, honestly, my phone unlocking was a nighmare because I was determined that my old network (meteor) give me my unlock code, without payment.

I mean I was a customerwith them for over 5 years, but they didn't care really. It's quite obvious phone companies are reluctant to give codes. It took three weeks of badgering and being put on hold before they finally gave it to me, but honestly I don't think anyone wants to go through that.

My friend is soon to be finishing a contact with Vodafone and was worried about the unlocking situation, but seriously guys this looks pretty awesome. All dem rules and things you need to know are very very handy, thanks a lot Smiley Very Happy

One quick suggestion - maybe add in to the info that it's good to tell a phone company that the reason you want to unlock your phone is that you're going abroad and you need to be able to use other sims Smiley Happy

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

In the past I unlocked a few phones officially through a few operators (Vodafone, O2) and once the required payment criteria were met it was not big deal. Of course the payment criteria can be a bit steep in some cases. Where an official unlock is not possible I generally just Google for info about the cheapest and most reliable way to get an unlock code. That's how I found Korter GSM mentioned above - via the MoDaCo thread and some other recommendations. I have seen other unlockers look for €40 to unlock the same phones as Korter GSM does for about €5 or less. Obviously you have to be careful who you go with for this as there can be scam merchants out there. 


Hope this helps.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

i've jailbroken/unlocked a few iPhones before in the past.

Wouldn't recommend doing that, so avoid if you can!

Always look out for a "cell repair" place in your town/city... maybe 25-50 to unlock a smartphone, but just tell em youre in a rush and they'll get it done asap!

Hope thats of help!
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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

Hey All !

I've been through a few unlocks... Mostly Official, then on occasion I'd go the town to the local unlock dude's shop...All routes basically governed by the price of the handset.

Just lastnight though I got a Sony Ericsson unlocked online with for a piddly €7!

They shelled out the codes within 20 min & Paypal took care of the cost.

Sony Ericsson can be a nightmare when it comes to the fee for unlock codes... this was quick & only for a few quid... I was chuffed.

Again, This is my experience, The onus is on each of us to check these things out throughly before undertaking the process!

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

Seven quid?! That's outrageously cheap! I must bookmark that site to get that done next time it's needed!


Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

How can I get network unlocking code for samsung ace
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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

From the network it's locked to, online somewhere or from a third party unlock service like the ones listed above.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

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Don’t unlock your phone before reading this essential guide


I have put together this guide to help people unlock their phone safely and to pick their way through the sometimes precarious would of unlocking.


The first thing you should do is approach your existing operator, chances are that if your account is in “good standing” (that’s paid your bills to you and me) and your contract is expired then you should be able to get an unlock code for your phone. (Remember iPhones don’t require an unlock code, they have ben unlocked centrally in Apple’s database on the instruction of an operator or trusted unlocking company)


While the world is going digital, many people find it difficult to trust online stores. It’s not surprising that digital novices are apprehensive about purchasing items that are not tangible.

Many virtual unlocking companies turnout to be scammers that overtly wait for customers to take customer’s payment information.


If you want to learn how to purchase unlocking codes safely online, I am going to provide you with a breakdown of what fraudulent companies won’t tell you.


Read all of the Website Terms and Services Before Ordering


Unlocking codes come from the operator or the handset manufacturer and don’t come cheap so If the Prices for the Codes are Too Good to Be True- It’s Guaranteed to be a Scam. The scammer is hoping that you will give up requesting a refund because the price was say only €4.99


The Small Print SCAM


Paypal doesn’t always protect you with their “money back guarantee” program. When purchasing digital downloads or in their language “virtual goods” you are not covered by their protection. Fraudulent websites can be hard to spot because they look like many other legit sites. They are offering the codes you’ve been struggling to find, and to top it off, it’s cheaper than you expected. But in small print, at the bottom of the product, the text will read something similar to: If we cannot obtain codes, we will send you information on where you can get it unlocked. You eventually pay €1-€5 for a code, which is substantially cheaper than most sites, and all you receive is a document informing you on where to purchase codes. This scam originated on Ebay, and now I've seen this same scamming technique on other unlocking websites.


The Short-Term Unlock SCAM


Some websites will fail to mention that their unlock codes aren’t permanent. They will sell you an unlock code, and every time you switch your phone from on/off, you will have to enter in the code each time. All of our codes are permanent and once you unlock your phone it will remain unlocked.



Make Sure That if They Cannot Provide the Unlocking Code, That They Offer a Full Refund


The Back-Up Software Service SCAM


You purchase a code from a website that promises to unlock your phone; only to find out after your purchase that they cannot unlock your phone model. Instead of offering a refund, they insist you try a backup “software”. Although this may be a cheaper alternative for them, it can be costly for the customer. Because they know that customers do not  want to spend additional money for backup options and risk not being satisfied by another product, this scam isn’t frequently used; but is does happen.


The Send Away Phone SCAM


Another scam fraudulent websites use to avoid issuing a full refund, requesting the customer send in their phone. After you purchase your code, you discover that they cannot provide it, and are asked to ship your phone to them. You can either 1) Receive your phone back in the mail, unlocked or 2) Never receive your phone and hear anything back from them.


The Fake Website SCAM


After finding a website that states it can provide your code, you purchase the product and anxiously anticipate using your code. The next day when you check back on the site for a status on your code, you find that the website has disappeared. Some companies use different websites over a course of weeks and months, to get customers into spending money, but never provide the codes.


Look for Active, Credible Websites


When purchasing unlocking codes, look for websites that have received positive feedback from its customers. Use sites that appear to be operating and updated frequently. You can also utilize their contact information to verify they are a legit company. You should be able to contact them via phone, email, and/or a live chat.


Receive your Unlock Code Instructions


Once your order is complete you will instructions to get your unlock code. When you login to your members area, you should receive your unlock code and full instructions.


Author: Doug Asker Customer Service Manager  Kildare, Ireland

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

We used chris IT shop in thurles to unlock a phone. could not recommend him. said it would take from 24hrs to couple of days to unlock the phone. took 90euro from us that day with no receipt given. . two weeks later still no unlocking code. does not answer phone. everytime we called into shop he was not there yet five mins after we called in the third time, having been told he was not there he appeared out from the back room. not a way to do business, avoid avoid avoid 

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

Did you get your phone unlocked in the end?

What make/model?

€90 sounds exhorbitant to me for a phone unlock.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

Does anyone know if an unlocked phone from argos will work with48 sim card. Says 2G compatible but will not work on 3 network? 

Don't want to chance it as phone exempt from money back guarantee! 


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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

Yes - an unlocked phone will work.

What make/model of phone?

I'd be very surprised if anybody was selling 2G only phones these days so it probably is 3G (at least) also.

In any case a 2G phone will still work but my guess is that it's not just 2G.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Phone unlocking service suggestions

I used a free one for huawei, I'll fetch the link from my seach history. But basically you just specify what model it is and the IMEI number and in seconds you've a FREE unlock code. It did ask to sign up or login with facebook but I just refused it the likes of posting permissions on facebook and read what info it accesses.


I'll edit the post when I find the link.

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