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[Resolved] Site down

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Due to the payment problems from today we have taken the site down while the guys work on it.


We are hoping the 48 geeks work their magic quickly and have you all back online very soon.  I cannot apologise enough but we have all available hands on deck and we will get back up and running again very soon.




01-06-2013 @ 21:22 - This issue has now been fixed and purchases are being processed as normal on the site.  For those of you with queued purchases we are working through this queue and they will be completed in the next two hours.  Thanks for being so patient with us this evening, hopefully we'll all get our Saturday night back shortly!


For anyone who had balance on their account and want to get membership you can buy stuff by text.  See here


If you have a top up voucher you can get membership by following these two steps.

Part 1 - To get the voucher onto your number you can dial the following from your phone:

Simply key *101* + voucher number # on your phone and hit dial

Or call the free 48 top-up number 1740 from your 48 phone and follow the voice prompts along the way.


Part 2 - Convert the top up to membership:

For standard membership text "monthly" to 1745.

For guido membership text "guido" to 1745

For duke membership text "duke" to 1745

For don membership text "don" to 1745

For mitch membership text "mitch" to 1745


If you haven't already registered, now is a good time to do so. Register now >>

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