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The Roaming Info and Troubleshooting Guide

Started ‎28-06-2017 by
Modified ‎24-10-2018 by

Can I use my 48 phone when I’m on holidays or roaming?

It depends on where you’re going, the phone that you’re using and the membership that is active on your number.


...on Guido?

You’re in luck! You can use the Guido membership in any country that we support for roaming (see here for the full list).


What’s more, in the EU your 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB data will still work the same way that they do at home.


You can roam also outside the EU, however you’ll be charged for all your calls and texts. Data usage is blocked outside Ireland. See here for the full list of rates.


...on Mitch, Don, Doke or Standard?

You will not be able to use your phone when roaming in the EU, however you can roam outside the EU. You’ll be charged for all your calls and texts, and data usage is blocked outside Ireland. See here for the full list of rates.





I’ll need more than 3GB while in the EU. Can I buy extra data?

Yes, the 3GB data addon can be used in Ireland and in the EU if you’re on the Guido membership. See here for more.





What will the 300 minutes and unlimited texts on Guido cover in the EU?

You can use the 300 minutes and unlimited texts to call and text Ireland and the EU.





What if something goes wrong?

If you’re having trouble connecting to a network abroad, there are a few steps you can try before getting in touch with the support team.



If you’re using an iPhone, check out this post before you do anything else.



Troubleshooting steps:

  • Go to your Network Settings and make sure that your APN is set to
  • Check that you have roaming and/or data roaming turned on in your phone settings.
  • Double check your network settings. 
  • Does 48 have a roaming agreement with the country that you’re in? Check if it’s on this list.
  • Find out what frequency bands are used in the country you’re roaming in here, and then check that your phone uses the same frequency bands here.
  • If all of the above tells you that you should be able to connect to a particular network there, try manually selecting it in your phone settings.

If the above hasn’t helped you to connect, you can search the community to find others who have had the same issue, or start a new topic stating where you are, what phone you’re using and what is going wrong.

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