iOS 7: Internet and MMS set-up

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If you just upgraded to iOS7 chances are your internet or MMS suddenly stopped working. Not to worry, we've got you sorted. Read on below to find out how to fix things.


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While you're installing iOS 7

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If you are planning to upgrade your iDevice to iOS7, you can prevent your internet settings from being reset.


While your phone is updating, you will be asked if you want to udpate your carrier settings. If you decline, the upgrade will go on, and your current Internet and MMS settings will be kept. That's the easiest option.


If you chose to update your carrier settings during the upgrade, the 48 settings will have been removed, and you will need to set them up again manually. We'll tell you how to do it in the next section.




How to change your Internet settings (APN)

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When you are upgrading from one major version of iOS to another, your Internet and MMS settings may be reset, so you need to set them up again.


When trying to access an Internet page, if you see a message reading "Could not activate mobile data network: You are not subsribed to a mobile data service", it means you need to re-enter your Internet settings.




How to enter new Internet settings


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Mobile
  3. Go to Mobile Data
  4. Under Mobile Data Network, enter the Internet settings available in the next section
  5. Under MMS, enter the MMS settings available in the next section
  6. Switch 3G off and on





Internet and MMS settings for iOS7

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Internet Settings


  • APN -
  • Username -  leave blank
  • Password - leave blank




MMS Settings


  • APN -
  • Username - leave blank
  • Password - leave blank
  • MMS Proxy -
  • MMSC -  http://mmc1/servlets/mms 
  • MMS Max Message Size - 307200
  • MMSC UA Prof URL: leave blank


N.B. MMS will NOT work unless 3G is ON. (Settings > General > Network) Make sure Enable 3G is set to ON.




After the upgrade

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If you've already upgraded your phone to iOS 7 why not share some sweet screenshots here?

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