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My phone's internet is not working. Why?
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‎30-04-2013 12:25 PM


That’s a bit of a vague question as there can be several reasons why your mobile internet is not working. Check the following:


Active membership


First of all, in order to have internet access active, you’ll need one of these memberships:

  • The Don
  • The Mitch
  • The Guido


If you don’t have active membership, you can buy one here. For add-ons, click here.



Internet allowance left


Do you have enough internet allowance left for the remaining time of your membership and haven’t run out? You can check the internet gauge in the My 48 page.


If you have internet left, try toggling the airplane mode on and off, or turning your phone off and then on, to see if it will reconnect to the network. Sometimes the phone might need a little nudge.



Internet settings on your phone


Your phone needs the correct internet settings in order for the internet connection to work. You can find a list with internet settings for different phone models here.


Here are the generic Android settings.


Remember to enable data roaming on your phone too – it’s also required for internet to work (and won’t be costing you any extra, we’re just roaming on our parent network).



Still stuck?


After checking these and you find the internet is still not working, it’s time to ask for a little help. You can post a new question on the community here and our Helper members will help you out to the best of their ability.


Or you can contact the care crew here in case the issue is account-related. Include the following details:


  • Date you bought your membership or internet add-on
  • The type of phone you have
  • Full list of settings you saved into your phone
  • Do you have data roaming switched on
  • Do you have an internet signal (e.g. shows “H”, “3G”, “E”, “G” or “o” depending on the speed of internet)


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