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I forgot my PIN code

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‎20-08-2013 04:40 PM


So you’ve forgotten your PIN code? Don't worry, we'll sort it out.



First thing's first, do you still have the packaging that your SIM card came in?


Yes - great! Your PIN will be printed on both the credit card shaped plastic and the booklet it's attached to. Remember, it's PIN1 that you're looking for.


No - read on then...

Since we don't keep your PIN code on file as you can change it, you'll need to sign into your 48 account and click on my details to find your 8 digit PUK code. 


Once you have your PUK code you're going to need to block your PIN (yes, block it!)

So just enter your PIN wrong 3 times and when it asks for your PUK just pop it in and you'll be back up and running.


If you try the PUK 3 times and it does not work then get in touch with the care crew here.

You get up to 10 tries and after that the SIM will not longer work so be careful.  If you have tried too many times then you'll need to order a brand new SIM card here.

Any other problems, give the care crew a shout at here.


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