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[Resolved] Issue with all network services, 2nd Oct 2013

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Crew Member (retired)
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‎02-10-2013 05:00 PM

We are currently experiencing a major outage across our network resulting in the failure of calls, texts and data.  As soon as the issue started at 4:25pm this afternoon, we engaged our service provider, Ericsson, to fix the problem.  So far they have yet to identify a fix, but are working with all available resources to do so. We have escalated this to the highest level within the Ericsson organisation so that the very best engineers are working on it.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, we know this is bad and particularly so given the issues last Friday. All we can say at this point is that we are pushing as hard as we can to get this resolved as soon as possible. We will continue to provide hourly updates on progress here on the Community.



For some of you who still don't have any coverage after services have been restored this morning, please try the following workaround which has solved the problem for many members:


Search for networks manually, find 48 and connect to it. 





Final update - 07/10/13 @ 17:16

This issue is now marked as resolved.  All services successfully returned from 4:40am on Thursday morning.  We have put extra monitoring in place since the outage and all services have been working as normal.  Please see this update for further technical information on the outage.


Previous updates:

(click on "more info")

More info

03/10/13 @ 02:45

While we have been seeing some successful connections on the network, this has been intermittent and we are not seeing a return for all services.  We are continuing to work on a number of fixes to restore service on the network.  These fixes will take some time to implement tonight, so it will be a number of hours before we have another update about the success of these changes.  Our next update will be before 8:00am.


03/10/13 @ 01:38

Some of you have been reporting the gradual return of services.  This is happening intermittently and we will continue to monitor this very closely.  However, it may still take some time before full services are back up and running as we need to ensure the network is stable before allowing full traffic onto the network.


03/10/13 @ 12:35

Calls, texts and data remain stable and we will continue to closely monitor all traffic on the network to ensure that this issue does not occur again.  If you are still having problems please restart your phone and try again.


We are still experiencing delays registering new customers and customers porting their number in or out of 48 (transferring your number to or from 48).  This is an urgent priority for us and we are working hard with our engineers to get this resolved as soon as possible. 


Thanks for sticking with us and being so patient.


03/10/13 @ 07:51

Calls, texts and data are now back fully operational and the services have gradually been coming back online since 4:40am this morning.   You should now be able to pick up a network signal as normal.  If you are still having problems please restart your phone and try again.


We are investigating reports of issues with new customers who joined the network yesterday.  We will keep you updated on our investigation into these issues.


We would like to simply say sorry for inconvenience this has caused since yesterday afternoon, the issues we had yesterday and on Friday are simply just not acceptable.  We will be closely monitoring the services with our service providers, including Ericsson, throughout the day and also in the coming days to ensure this is does not happen again.  We will be in touch later on in the morning with further information and follow up on your outstanding queries.


03/10/13 @ 00:06

We will be implementing a fix in the next hour which will gradually re-introduce traffic onto our platform.    If this is successful we will see service gradually return for customers. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this work.


02/10/13 @ 23:27

Investigations have identified a possible cause and we are working on implementing a solution to restore service.  If this fix works, we will have to gradually bring back service, so it will be the early hours of tomorrow morning before full service is restored.  We will update you here on the progress of this.


02/10/13 @ 22:05

The Ericsson engineers are continuing to work on this.  We have our next call with them at 10:45pm and we will provide a further update then.


02/10/13 @ 21:05

Ericsson are continuing to investigate the issue and we don’t have any further information at this point.  We will update you again at 10pm.


02/10/13 @ 20:10

Unfortunately we have been just told service will be down until 9pm at the earliest.  Things ae happening in the background and I will have a further update around 9pm.


02/10/13 @ 19:31

Sorry folks but we have still not managed to get this sorted yet.  We will have a further update shortly after 8pm.  The minute we have further news we will let you all know.


02/10/13 @ 18:55

Still no good news I'm afraid.  We are still working on this and I hope to have an update direct from the engineers any minute now


02/10/13@ 18:22

Our technical staff are still working towards getting this resolved.  They are fairly confident that incoming calls and texts should return soon.  I'll update as soon as I hear anything else.


02/10/13 @ 17:48

We are in the process of making a few changes and are hopeful this will restore your ability to receive calls and texts again.  I will post here when I have further news.


02/10/13 @ 17:25

Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse.  Now all network services are unavailable.  So making and receive any calls and texts are not working.  You will also be unable to use the internet.  This has been give the highest priority and every available resource is working on it.  We will have further updates soon.


Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

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‎02-10-2013 05:09 PM

you say we can receive calls and texts we cant no coverage at all to do anything

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

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‎02-10-2013 05:13 PM

48 should extend our Deals by a month free of charge as a apologies for this problems!!!


Thank you.

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

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‎02-10-2013 05:17 PM

I can't make calls on and off for the past week (since last Friday) and now cannot send sms messages! I will need recompensation for the days that I have paid my membership but received no services. 

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Posts: 0
‎02-10-2013 05:18 PM

I dont have any coverage either

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Average Joe
Posts: 1
‎02-10-2013 05:20 PM

I have full coverage, but still can't make or receive calls OR texts


Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Posts: 0
‎02-10-2013 05:21 PM

Mines totally banjaxed too can't do anything not registering to the network either tried it manually still came up with zilch!

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Posts: 0
‎02-10-2013 05:22 PM

dont have any coverage at all :/

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Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Average Joe
Posts: 1
‎02-10-2013 05:23 PM

this is a joke. only was down about 2 weeks ago and now is down again. i think a months free membership should be giving! beyond a joke


Re: Issue with outgoing calls, 2nd October 2013

Posts: 0
‎02-10-2013 05:24 PM

This is the 2nd time in less than a week what a joke of a network, definitely going back to my old network never had problems like This.

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