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How do I buy my membership?

Started ‎06-05-2013 by
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First you need to choose a membership - here's an overview of the different memberships available:



48 plans.png


The Don: Pay €20 and get 1,000 mobile minutes, unlimited texts to all networks, 20GB of data and 60 landline minutes.


The Mitch: Pay €15 and get 50 mobile minutes, 100 texts and 25GB of data.


The Guido: Pay €10 and get 300 mobile minutes, unlimited texts to all networks, 3GB of data and 60 landline minutes.


With all these plans, you also get unlimited messaging on Whatsapp.



What's the Whatsapp deal about?

WhatsApp messaging is only available if you have data included (i.e. in your membership plan or if you buy a data add on). You will not be charged for data when you use the WhatsApp messaging service for messages via the app but if you use the voice features on WhatsApp you will incur data charges.



Ok, I know which membership I want, what now?

If you haven't done so already you will need to buy top up credit. There are many different ways how to top up, check them out here.



I've got enough top up credit, how do I buy my membership with that?

1. Log into your account via My 48 at the top of this page.

2. Pay your membershipOnce you're in you won't be able to miss the fact that you haven't paid your membership... So click on pay membership...

3. Choose your dealNext choose the membership you want to buy. You have the option to buy one month's or several months' membership. Once you've made your selection, click the buy now button

4. Choose payment method and check out.



If you haven't already registered, now is a good time to do so. Register now >>
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