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How to activate your 48 SIM

Started ‎06-05-2013 by
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All you need to know about getting started with your new 48 SIM card. 



Things you'll need to get started

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  • Your 48 SIM card - order a free SIM here. A 'trio' SIM is a SIM card with perforated lines on it, so it is a 'normal' SIM, a micro SIM and a nano SIM all in one. It will fit into any type of phone available now.
  • Your unlocked phone. Need more help here? Check out our Unlock Guide.
  • A top-up method ready; you can pay using most major credit or debit cards, or pop to the corner shop and get a 48 top up voucher.
  • And you'll need to have decided if you're going to keep your current number or get a new one. 


The activation process - step by step


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1) Go to the Activate your 48 SIM page on the 48 website.


2) Enter the 6-digit activation code and hit activate 48 SIM.


3) Enter your personal details and hit Add my details & continue.


4) If you want to keep your old number, or if you want a new number, and hit Continue


5) If you chose to keep your number, enter the number that you want to move over to 48, and hit "Send me security code" and wait until you've received the code


6) It should say that your code has been sent to the number you specified. Then select the type of account you had with your previous provider.


7) Then enter the security code in the field requested, and hit "Move my number to 48". 


Getting your membership


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Go to My 48 at the top of the page and choose Pay membership.

The last step is to buy your first membership to get your calls, texts and internet. Just go to My 48 and pay straight from your card. Don't have one? Buy a 48 top up voucher in a shop and text 'Guido' or 'Don' to 1745.


You'll see the screen below where you can choose your membership. Why not get The Don membership? You get unlimited calls and texts to all Irish mobiles, 60 minutes to landlines and 5GBs of internet.


Click on 'buy now' to add a membership to your cart, then click on pay with card or if you've credit on your account you can choose the "pay from balance" button.



Paying with voucher

You can purchase a 48 top-up voucher in thousands of shops across Ireland associated with Payzone or in an Omnivend vending machine. The minimum voucher amount is €10.


How to apply a top-up voucher


By phone - call the free 48 top-up number, 1740, from your 48 phone and follow the voice prompts along the way.

Via Text - this can be done by simply keying *101* + voucher number # on your phone.

On the mobile app – go to the top screen and enter voucher number to top up



Paying with card

Topping up with a credit or debit card can be done online or using the 48 app.


After clicking the ‘place order securely’ button, your card issuer may ask you for your Verified by Visa or SecureCode password to complete your order.


Providing all is ok a success message will be sent to your email.


Once you get this message you'll be able to use this membership once your current membership has expired.


Problems activating your SIM


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If your activation request has failed then there may be browser issues. Many activation problems are caused by storing build up, so it's worth clearing your browser history, restarting the browser and trying the activation process again. If this fails, try it in a completely different browser or PC.


Activation code problems


Lost activation code?


If you've lost the 6 character activation code (located on the credit card sized plastic and sticker which came with your SIM card) you can enter the 19 character code located on the SIM card.


Leave the last digit off the long SIM number.

So if you SIM number is 8935311100012345678 leave the 8 out and enter 893531110001234567.




"Sorry, that isn't a valid activation code”


If you get this message even after double checking the code you've entered is right then it's best to contact the care crew here - make sure to include the subject "activation code problem" in your message as well as the SIM serial number (the long number on your SIM card).



I didn’t receive my actication email. What do I do?


Oops we’ll sort that out for you.

You can re-request the activation email and we'll get it sent asap. You'll just need to enter your email address.


If you don't receive the email after 30 minutes then contact us here.



Voucher problems


Don’t take this the wrong way but, just give it one more try to make sure it was entered correctly.


Still no joy? Then time to contact us. Just ask an agent and we will get this sorted for you.


Card payment problems


More info

Card transactions are a funny one. Here's a common list of reasons why card transactions might fail, just make sure you haven't done one of them.


  • Information typed in wrong (e.g. card number, card expiry date etc.)

  • Incorrect card type selected.

  • Insufficient funds in the account

  • Payment declined due to security protections.

  • If you're having trouble with the "verified by visa" screen, then you'll need to contact your bank - we won't be able to help you here.


Also try; clearing your browser history, restarting the browser and re-trying the activation process - if this fails, try the procedure in a completely different browser or PC.



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