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I forgot my PIN or need my PUK

Started ‎06-05-2013 by
Modified ‎05-02-2018 by

So you’ve forgotten your PIN number? Tut tut!  Well not to worry, we’ll sort it.



Firstly, check the packaging you got your SIM in – your PIN will be printed inside it.  PIN1 is what you’re looking for.

If you have binned the packaging then don’t worry we have other ways and means of fixing this.



We don’t have a copy of your PIN so what you need to do it enter the wrong PIN three times so it blocks your SIM.  We can then use a special code to unblock it again. This is called the PUK code.



When your SIM is asking for a PUK or unblock code or something similar log into your 48 account.  You will see a button that says “More”, click that and then hit “My Details”.

Alternatively, use this direct link



Scroll down to near the bottom of you will see the special code I mentioned under “your PUK code”.



Now enter the PUK code number into your phone and you should now be asked to create a new PIN.  Choose one you will remember this time Smiley Wink



Enter the new PIN once and you will be asked to confirm it.  Then as if by magic you are back into your phone again!



If you have any problems with this and you have tried the PUK a few times without success get in touch with the care crew here.



If the SIM is completely blocked and you need a new one, click here for more info.

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