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Changes to memberships

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‎11-05-2015 06:44 PM

Hey guys,


We are making a few changes to our Don and Standard memberships


You might have a few questions around this so we have tried to cover the most of them below.



What changes are being made to 48 memberships & why?

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Since 48 launched in 2012 the idea was always to do things differently, and now we’re about to do it again with some very cool stuff on the way. But first we go ahead we have to make some changes to our Don and Standard Membership deals. A full breakdown of all the changes is available here


Is this because Three have taken over O2?

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No, this has nothing to do with Three. 48 were always going to make changes to our memberships. For us it’s always been about doing things differently and improving what we can give you guys.


When are these changes coming into effect?

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These changes will come into effect June 10th and will kick in when you buy a new Don or Standard (legacy membership available to existing customers only) membership from June 10th onwards.


Will my queued membership change to the new plan?

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No, if you purchased the Don or Standard membership before the 10th June you will be able to use the membership as per the terms of the membership which was applicable at the time of purchase. Basically, if you buy before 10th June then we will honour the deal available at the date of purchase.


Do I need to do anything?

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Nope,  these changes will be made automatically when you purchase a new membership after June 10th


Do I have to choose a new plan? I’d prefer to stay with what I have.

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No, if you are happy with the changes you can stay on the plan that you’re on.


I’m on the standard plan, why am I getting less for the same price?

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Well yeah it doesn’t make sense for you to stay on this plan. So you should probably check out our €10 Guido plan, because you get 1 GB internet for the same money. But we didn’t want to force you to do stuff. So it’s up to you.


Can I get 4G?

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Not at the moment, but it’s something we’re looking into for the future.


I heard former O2 customers are getting 4G. Why can’t 48 customers have it?

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Well 48 is different to O2 and Three and 4G just isn’t part of our plans – yet. It’s something we’re looking into for the future


Will my landline allowance change or am I still receiving my 60 minute Guido landline allowance, 60 minute Don landline allowance and 20 minute Standard membership landline allowance

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No, nothing is changing and you will still receive your monthly landline allowance as normal.


Conor @ the 48 care crew


Go conquer!


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