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Re: Roaming not working

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minmocas wrote:
Contact support and they said can send new sim card to me. Because I try my sim card in 2 different phones and not working. Support agree sim problem, but this is not a help for me. I bought local operator sim card and working perfect. First thing I do when back to Ireland. Get new network provider. Because I can not trust anymore 48months. Good luck everyone with 48months.

So we're in the same boat- dodgy SIM card (while using a Samsung Galaxy S7). And I found out the same way, by putting in another phone (my wife's, also a 48 customer) and finding it didn't work there either. But her phone works perfectly for calls and or texts here in France.


If I didn't have continuous WiFi allowing me to use WhatsApp for text, calls and sending photos, I'd have bought a local SIM card too as my only other option (other than using my wife's phone).


But in fairness, if it's only a faulty SIM card, I have to say 48's support service has been excellent. Kevin (thank you again) in 48 chat over 2 days spent as much time as necessary to help get to the bottom of this and isolate the problem as a bum SIM card. So I'll wait until I get the new SIM card before I think of changing providers.


But I have to say I'm bemused- everything (in Dublin) worked perfectly after I signed up last month. SIM delivery and install, moving #, texts, calls, internet. I was even texting without problems as I sat on the runway in a delayed flight from Dublin. Then landing in France and it just doesn't work. We'll see, I'll post next week here when I get the new SIM.


@minmocas thanks for your posts- very helpful to me, and best of luck. Maybe see how new SIM card works for you too?


Re: Roaming not working

Average Joe
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Changing APN just worked for me in Poland, thanks!
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Re: Roaming not working

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chorn wrote:

We'll see, I'll post next week here when I get the new SIM.


Well, SIM card arrived, popped in, started up, new settings arrived via SMS, installed them and everything works as it should. Thanks support, great job!


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